Pi Day?

You know, I realized why I write in this blog.  I write in this blog because it gives me fulfillment. It provides me a channel by which to voice myself in a manner that I know will not be turned away.

I write so I can practise my language skills.

I write, because I want to think.

I want to think on my own, to reflect by myself, with no other individuals weighing in until I have completed my thoughts. No disruptions, no tangents, no detours. I listen as my fingers, in choreographed fashion, dance atop my keyboard, creating the symphonic clacking of keys. I watch as the words trail across my screen, with the occasional autocorrect swapping letters as I continue to move on.

I write because I feel it is something that must do, to extend myself and my thoughts. It is like a  diary, not of my daily routine, but rather of my thoughts and thought pattern that will be a portal to my past when viewed again years from now.

I write because I it gives me something to do. Something to let my mind be at work, to roam free, while shunning away the distractions that normally come in front of a computer. It exercises thought. It exercises discipline.

I write because it gives me pleasure; because it feels like time worth spent, opposed to the many distractions of our era that designed solely to use up our time.

Life’s been a mess these past few months, but

I write, on this day, nibbling away at some apple pie, feeling happy that for the first time in years, I have taken the time to slow down and enjoy the subtle things.

Happy Pi Day.


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