A New Beginning

Too much to do, never enough time. So many things to do, and no time left for personal relaxation afterwards, it is the life.


This last year of my blog doesn’t really count. I haven’t put much here. There are a couple of topics I wish to talk about, but have found no good opportunity, nor motivation to write. But now, I’m back at work, no real schoolwork to bog me down, and it’s an exciting time.

So it is a good time to pick up something productive again.  But, I think in order to start, I will now set the plan here, to promise myself, and set in stone my plan of action:


So let’s set the schedule; every weekday after work:

Mondays will be: Photoblogging from the archives (tumblr)

Tuesdays will be: Coursework days

Wednesdays will be: Self-guided project, or breaks.

Thursdays will be: Blogging days (Maybe not this Thursday though)… maybe.

and Fridays will be: “Are you kidding it’s a Friday, do I really wanna do this?”


Cheers, and here’s to a third year of blogging.


One thought on “A New Beginning

  1. So…I was right? It was 3 years! Anyways, yay! I have something to look forward to on mondays :3 Maybe I should start nagging you if I don’t see something every monday and thursday? heh..jkjk!

    Cheers to your 3 year of blogging :)

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