To do Before I Die

I think everyone should have a list of things they want to do before they die. I just thought of this so I’m making a list. I’ll check it twice later.

  1. Listen to space. – I didn’t want one as common as go into space. But, I really want to hear it… the silence.
  2. Backpacking/Travel – maybe around Europe, but things aren’t cheap anymore – I want to see Netherlands, and their wonderful transit planning.
  3. Ride Via Rail’s Train #1 across Canada – Toronto to Vancouver.
  4. See Jupiter, Saturn through a powerful telescope — Seen Jupiter and the Galilean Moons. March 21/2012
  5. I want to go to an actual concert, and enjoy good music. [Orchestra/Symphony]
  6. Visit Machu Picchu – There’s just something about these ruins that grows more fascinating, when I consider how and why they built there.
  7. Drive a bus! Juts once, to try it.
  8. Ride a Zip-Line
  9. Skydive????
  10. Tour the major cities’ bike routes. Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Amsterdam… [more to be added]
  11. Can I drive a car, professionally around a closed technical course? Just once!
  12. I suppose I have to add this on the list somewhere…. partner.
  13. Understand…. the people I care about.
  14. Find one sort of musical instrument that I can play – harmonica, guitar, singing? — a harmonica is portable and gives me an excuse not to sing
  15. Watch a Solar Eclipse – I missed the May 20th 2012 one. I was very heartbroken. [2017 Aug 21] [April 8, 2024]
  16. Drive Manual.
  17. Re-learn Guitar
  18. Go camping again
  19. Ride in Amsterdam
  20. Cruise in Venice…London and Paris and Rome, Barcelona, and Madrid don’t really interest me that much……but I suppose there’s stuff to see there as well.
  21. DSLR – DONE
  22. Visit the Metro systems of major cities.
  23. Stand in the Eye of a Storm
  24. Ride my bike through knee-deep flood water after one of those ‘once in a lifetime storms’ -> japan surreal image
  25. Visit Hawaii or a mountain and watch the sunset, or sunrise.
  26. Stormchase??
  27. Kayaking [Jan’s Suggestion]

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