My attempt at a picture I've seen online. I find my ring size is a bit small for this.

Iron Ringed, and the Fall of the ThinkPad

I know I don’t write very often to this blog any more, and truth be told, I don’t expect that I will write a lot here in the coming while. It has been a outlet, and for a period in my life, it has served me well. I will probably have another blog post, or two as I conclude several more milestones in my university program, but I’m gonna say, there might not be much that I’ll be putting in after it.

I’ve been meaning to write a post for a little while now, but no better day than tonight when my closest friends are all out having fun, and I’m left out on the other side of the country.

Haven’t really much to share, but tonight it’ll just be an outlet for some things that have crossed my mind recently.


University Not Necessarily Better Than High School

Many people I talk to claim that University is among the best times of their lives. I’m into third year University, and I have to say, High school still reigns very highly in my mind.

Here’s my theory:

The people who have a good time in university are only because they stopped screwing around in university, and they didn’t make much out of high school.

I always hear the argument that there’s more freedom in University. But what do they really mean by freedom?

There was tons of Freedom in High School for me: Continue reading